How long does the process take?
How long will it last?
How long before I can use it?
How do I take care of my new surface?
What should I do before you come?
Is there a warranty?
Is there a strong smell?
How durable is the finish?
Is white the only color avalible?
What if my bathtub has chips?
Can you refinish clawfoot bathtubs?
What if my tub has rust spots?
Do you need to remove the drain?
Do shower doors have to be removed?
What is exactly the finish you use?
My bathtub has been refinished before.
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Awarded For Excellent Service 10 Years In A Row
Bathtub refinishing also called bathtub reglazing or resurfacing is the most cost effective and easiest way to restore your old or outdated bathtub.  No longer is there a need to go through the messy and costly process of tearing out your old tub along with part of the plumbing, floor and wall tile just to get the new bathtub installed.
You can save thousands of dollars over the cost of replacing your tub or having a bathtub liner put over your tub by having it professionally refinished. 
Hard to keep clean, stained tubs, chipped tubs or out-of-date colors are the most common reasons for bathtub or bathroom fixture refinishing.

At Heiden Tub Refinishing we take your existing porcelain tub, fiberglass tub, or acrylic tub and resurface it with  a brand new finish that is nothing short of gorgeous and very easy to clean No longer will you have to scrub just to get  your tub clean.  With your brand new finish, soap film and dirt will rinse right out.
The durability of the new products available today are incredible and will easily last 12 to 15 years before you can then have it refinished again.  
The entire refinishing process takes about 3 hours and you can use your tub in 48 hours.

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Milwaukee County - Waukesha County - Racine County

Kenosha County - Walworth County - Ozaukee County

Washington county
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